Monday, April 16, 2012

You Complete Me


As the sun is setting in the sky,
You place your hand in mine;
A bit shy.

As our hands clasp together tight,
My heart skips a beat,
With a bit of fright.

At first there is nothing that we say,
The silent wind blows
All our worries away.

You tilt your head to look at me,
I catch your eye
And am set free.

You look away,
And giggle shyly,
As I hide my smile slyly.

As we walk to the beat of our hearts,
I pray inside,
That we'd never be set apart.

Time is nothing but digits now,
Your hand in mine,
I expect no "ciao".

As we stroll in the setting light,
Shadows appear,
But hearts ignite.

Friendship is the path we take,
With you forever,
Without a break.

Not to miss a single moment,
From our,
Thousand mile journey.

All these thoughts fill up my mind,
My soul at rest,
My heart refined.

Just like a flower and a bee,
I proudly say,
You complete me.

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