Monday, April 16, 2012

Ships of Life


Do you remember when we first met?
I sure do! Without regret.

Do you remember our first laugher?
Oh man I couldnt breathe after.

Do you remember our first talk?
I never thought we'd be set apart.

Do you remember when you helped me most?
For that I still owe you the greatest toast.

Do you remember our first fight?
That's when everything for me,
Turned to fright.

Do you remember our last good-bye?
I feel like its here before my eyes.

As your ship sails away into the night,
I stand at the dock,
With my little light.

I tried my best every single day,
But it wasnt enough to make you stay.

You didnt find what you were looking for,
In that small village,
That I call my soul.

I tried to treat you like the best,
But I could never beat the rest.

Slowly you were out of my grasp,
There was no more of that friendship clasp.

Now I only catch a glimpse of you,
All I can say is,
"How are you?"

To which there isnt much to say,
Since you are well on your way.

And that path does not include me,
So I guess, I must set you free.

Here is the key to all our memories,
Hopefully there's some that you can cherish.

I will attempt to say good-bye,
I know I cant,
But it's worth a try.

I will never forget you,
But I know I cant speak for two.

The heartache of you leaving,
Leaves me barely breathing.

I guess what's said is true,
A heart never breaks evenly into two.

Here is your half,
None left of mine.
The flame inside my little light;
Will no longer shine.

Im Sorry


In times of despair,
You were always there.

During the times of cold matter,
You were my sweater.

But I never treated you right,
Tried to keep you out of sight.

Threw you on the dirty floor,
Thinking I could find so much more.

Never really seeing,
Your caring being.

Well this is my time,
To let your true light shine.

But is it too late?
Once again it's my fate.

I have lost you,
One who actually cared.
Now all I can say is,
"Thank you for being there".

Im sorry,
For all the things that I said.
My mistreatment towards you,
Clouds up my head.

I just wish that we could start,
Back from day one.
I would treat you like royalty,
And think of myself as none.

If you could forgive me,
That'd be enough;
Im really am sorry,
That I made being here for me, so tough.

Colors of the Sun


From the moment you opened up your eyes,
The world was out to get you, in disguise.

But dont give up  hope in anything at all,
I will try to be there to catch you when you fall.

Keep your chin up and stand up proud,
Let your confidence shout real loud.

Dont listen to what the world tells you,
Just know that you are beautiful and bright
Dont let the world fill you up with fright.

Let YOUR colors shine like the stars,
Because in this world all we see are scars.

That are left by those who dont know how to love,
Or those that have a lack of.

Be the moon in the dark blue sky,
Show the world what it is like to fly.

Give hope to those who have absolutely none,
And to those who think that they are just done.

Respect those who dont deserve it,
Because one day they will thank you for it.

I promise you that in your time of need,
I will be right there, by your feet.

Two is always better than one,
So lets show this world the colors of the sun.

You Complete Me


As the sun is setting in the sky,
You place your hand in mine;
A bit shy.

As our hands clasp together tight,
My heart skips a beat,
With a bit of fright.

At first there is nothing that we say,
The silent wind blows
All our worries away.

You tilt your head to look at me,
I catch your eye
And am set free.

You look away,
And giggle shyly,
As I hide my smile slyly.

As we walk to the beat of our hearts,
I pray inside,
That we'd never be set apart.

Time is nothing but digits now,
Your hand in mine,
I expect no "ciao".

As we stroll in the setting light,
Shadows appear,
But hearts ignite.

Friendship is the path we take,
With you forever,
Without a break.

Not to miss a single moment,
From our,
Thousand mile journey.

All these thoughts fill up my mind,
My soul at rest,
My heart refined.

Just like a flower and a bee,
I proudly say,
You complete me.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"To My Love"

To My Love

They say,
Love is caring,
Love is kind;
It will warm you up inside.

I found it once,
I lost it twice.

But now its back,
Hidden in disguise.

Behind the disguise was something new,
No pain or hurt,
But lovely you.

I didn’t know what it meant at first,
But some how I tripped,
And fell, head first.

Now I know this is where I belong;
The peace and quiet,
Reminds me of home.

I set up camp,
And tend to stay.

Not for a night,
Not even a day.

But for eternity I am here,
Right by your side.
Inside; no fear.

I know for sure you'll hurt me none,
I meant to stay,
Way back from day one.

The flame inside my heart
Is lit anew;
I can truly say,
I do love you

"Alone Again"

Alone Again

You dont want me around,
Ever since I brought up you and me;
You wanted out

Because you had other dreams,
You never saw us working out;
So you took off on your own
And left me here; in doubt

You never even knew that you hurt me,
You just took off in a hurry
But telling you the truth; I cried,
Every now and then wishing I could just die

The pain of a broken heart,
Is worst than that of a bullet wound
The pain seems to last forever,
Yet you want it gone for good.

Sometimes you call or text me,
And I dont reply.
Not because I dont care,
I just dont want to lie.

By telling you that I'm alright
That everything is fine with me,
When obviously,
Everything is going down hill for me.

Thinking of you puts life in a diffrent tune;
Its like a bag of salt
Being poured on my open wound

From that point on,
Everything begins again;
Its the healing process,
That will never end.

"You Are My Cure"

You Are My Cure

The moonlight shining outside,
Leads those who try to run at night.

The sunshine on a cloudless day,
Makes the world seem like a better place.

The night light in a scared child's room,
Brings all peace and joy to its truest bloom.

The same light exists in you and me,
When I hear from you,
I am set free.

Peace and joy fill up my heart,
I never want us to be set apart.

Life is too short for me to stop and think,
That maybe youre not my missing link.

My mind cries out,
"She's the one!"

While my heart just sits there,

The shattered pieces lay there still,
While the pain that's done,
Is at full will.

All I know is that you're the cure,
For the heart break that I endure.

If I may just ask of a favor,
Never leave my side... forever.