Monday, April 16, 2012

Im Sorry


In times of despair,
You were always there.

During the times of cold matter,
You were my sweater.

But I never treated you right,
Tried to keep you out of sight.

Threw you on the dirty floor,
Thinking I could find so much more.

Never really seeing,
Your caring being.

Well this is my time,
To let your true light shine.

But is it too late?
Once again it's my fate.

I have lost you,
One who actually cared.
Now all I can say is,
"Thank you for being there".

Im sorry,
For all the things that I said.
My mistreatment towards you,
Clouds up my head.

I just wish that we could start,
Back from day one.
I would treat you like royalty,
And think of myself as none.

If you could forgive me,
That'd be enough;
Im really am sorry,
That I made being here for me, so tough.

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