Monday, April 16, 2012

Ships of Life


Do you remember when we first met?
I sure do! Without regret.

Do you remember our first laugher?
Oh man I couldnt breathe after.

Do you remember our first talk?
I never thought we'd be set apart.

Do you remember when you helped me most?
For that I still owe you the greatest toast.

Do you remember our first fight?
That's when everything for me,
Turned to fright.

Do you remember our last good-bye?
I feel like its here before my eyes.

As your ship sails away into the night,
I stand at the dock,
With my little light.

I tried my best every single day,
But it wasnt enough to make you stay.

You didnt find what you were looking for,
In that small village,
That I call my soul.

I tried to treat you like the best,
But I could never beat the rest.

Slowly you were out of my grasp,
There was no more of that friendship clasp.

Now I only catch a glimpse of you,
All I can say is,
"How are you?"

To which there isnt much to say,
Since you are well on your way.

And that path does not include me,
So I guess, I must set you free.

Here is the key to all our memories,
Hopefully there's some that you can cherish.

I will attempt to say good-bye,
I know I cant,
But it's worth a try.

I will never forget you,
But I know I cant speak for two.

The heartache of you leaving,
Leaves me barely breathing.

I guess what's said is true,
A heart never breaks evenly into two.

Here is your half,
None left of mine.
The flame inside my little light;
Will no longer shine.

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