Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Alone Again"

Alone Again

You dont want me around,
Ever since I brought up you and me;
You wanted out

Because you had other dreams,
You never saw us working out;
So you took off on your own
And left me here; in doubt

You never even knew that you hurt me,
You just took off in a hurry
But telling you the truth; I cried,
Every now and then wishing I could just die

The pain of a broken heart,
Is worst than that of a bullet wound
The pain seems to last forever,
Yet you want it gone for good.

Sometimes you call or text me,
And I dont reply.
Not because I dont care,
I just dont want to lie.

By telling you that I'm alright
That everything is fine with me,
When obviously,
Everything is going down hill for me.

Thinking of you puts life in a diffrent tune;
Its like a bag of salt
Being poured on my open wound

From that point on,
Everything begins again;
Its the healing process,
That will never end.

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